Yang-May Ooi in a video about thinking outside the box - Stretching My Eyes, part of the ReWilding My Life project

In this video, filmed on the beach at Westward Ho!, North Devon, creative actionista Yang-May Ooi, reflects on how infinite views can stretch our minds and help us think outside the box about what we want for our lives. 

We first came to stay in Westward Ho! in 2013 and that was when we became addicted – to its 2 mile sandy beach, its vast, infinite views across the bay and into the Atlantic and its laid back, friendly vibe.

We were here while I developed my solo theatre show Bound Feet Blues and also after each of its successful runs in London. The sea air here sustained my energy and drive through the long two year process of bringing the project to the stage – and recharged me afterwards when all I wanted to do was Absolutely Nothing.

Being here gives me the space – mentally and physically – to recalibrate what I want for the next few months in my busy, creative life. And also to reflect more deeply about what I want for the rest of my life. It gives me perspective on things that truly matter to me. The quiet allows me to sit with these thoughts and emotions in a way that eventually offers up options for a way forward to shaping a good life.

Yang-May Ooi in a video about thinking outside the box - Stretching My Eyes, part of the ReWilding My Life project


Rewilding My Life is  creative actionista, Yang-May Ooi’s personal journey to explore how our urban lives alienate us from the natural world – and how we can re-connect with nature and our sense of the wild. Follow this Tiger Spirit project via Rewilding My Life link on the left sidebar.



Author: Yang-May Ooi

Yang-May Ooi is a writer, speaker and multi-media actionista. Tiger Spirit UK is the online creative journal featuring her multimedia projects which currently include: ReWilding My Life, a personal exploration of our relationship with nature, and South London Voices, a podcast celebrating South Londoners. ¦ www.TigerSpirit.co.uk – Creativity into Action.

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