Being a creative artist gives me a unique perspective on other people’s projects. I see the potential, have an eye for fresh direction and the ability to inspire, support ambitions and power progress.

As a writer and performer I understand what motivates the need for expression. I have been there and done it. Many times; speaking at TED; acting on stage; presenting to large groups.

I understand, and more importantly for the people I work with, I have a firm grasp of exactly how to do it, how to move from lingering creativity to centre-stage action.

I am here as your guide, to offer direction and nurture. Your idea is your idea. But I am committed, working closely with you through a bespoke coaching/ mentoring programme. During this time I provide a combination of insight and tools, fuelling your creative process with guidance and inspiration.

I find it incredibly rewarding watching people find direction and bloom from “ideas-filled thinker” to Actionista.

If you are interested in working with me, simply call or email. I have a limited calendar but I am always excited by the opportunity to nurture a new creative Actionista.

Yang-May Ooi
Writer, Speaker and Creative Actionista