Tony Dillon with Yang-May Ooi - ReWilding My Life podcast

Tony Dillon joins creative actionista, Yang-May Ooi, on the Rewilding My Life podcast to talk about how living in London was making him ill and how moving to the seaside saved his health.

Tony Dillon with Yang-May Ooi on nature and health - ReWilding My Life podcast

ReWilding My Life is Yang-May’s personal journey to re-connect with nature. Along the way, she hears stories from other kindred spirits to learn about their relationship with nature.


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Rewilding My Life is  creative actionista, Yang-May Ooi’s personal journey to explore how our urban lives alienate us from the natural world – and how we can re-connect with nature and our sense of the wild. Follow this Tiger Spirit project via Rewilding My Life link on the left sidebar.




Photo: from Yang-May Ooi’s personal album

Author: Yang-May Ooi

Yang-May Ooi is a multimedia author & TEDx speaker. Her creative projects include Bound Feet Blues (theatre), South London Voices and Creative Conversations (podcasts). She also works with individuals, non-profits and small businesses to help them tell their unique stories to engage and inspire others. ¦

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