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The Contributor confirms that any statement made or written by the Contributor and any image, video or other multimedia content provided by the Contributor in This Contribution (i) is not defamatory and (ii) does not infringe the copyright, rights of privacy or other rights of any person. The Contributor also warrants that the Contributor have the full right to grant this consent in relation to any image, video or multimedia content provided by the Contributor.

The Contributor  gives their consent and This Contribution without time limit and confirm that use of This Contribution in any form or media does not require approval by the Contributor.

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Author: Yang-May Ooi

Yang-May Ooi is a multimedia author & TEDx speaker. Her creative projects include Bound Feet Blues (theatre), South London Voices and Creative Conversations (podcasts). She also works with individuals, non-profits and small businesses to help them tell their unique stories to engage and inspire others. ¦

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