Think about the speaches and presentations that really impress. The powerful ones that move you, stay with you. What makes them stand out? What makes them stick?

The ability to inspire people, wow them, is something that can be learnt.

The talent to do it lies in organising, presenting in style and engaging your audience – all skills that I can share from my own experience and training.

Whether presenting in a meeting room, on the stage at TED or on broadcast media and online video and audio podcasts – you can hold an audience, command attention, and inspire people with your passion.

Think of it as a conversation, taking the confidence and the assurance of the one-to-one and using it in the one-to-many.

I can work with you to develop the skills of TED-style public speaking as well as prepare you for broadcast and online multi-media appearances. I can train you to build the confidence to step up, release the Tiger Spirit in you and fully command the stage, camera or microphone.



TED and TEDx are the leading forums for speaking, for presenting ‘Ideas worth spreading’.

They come with a very bright audience on a global platform, bright minds with an appetite for the truly original.

So, how did I tackle it? Well, I believed in my topic. It was personal, I knew my ground and I knew my commitment would take me a fair way.

The rest was about organising, relaxing and engaging, enjoying the 20 minutes I had. And I did.

These are the skills I can teach you. The skills to impress the most discerning audience.

Yang-May Ooi
Multi-Media Author

‘How small acts of rebellion can create powerful change’

Media channels on which I’ve made appearances include:

Video & Podcasts

Fight like a Girl - still from video - creative actionista Yang-May Ooi reflecting on the Women's March 2017

I love sharing stories and communicating ideas in all kinds of ways.

Video is a lively and direct way to connect with others so you can find me video blogging – or vlogging as they call it! – on YouTube with Tiger Spirit TV.

Tiger Spirit TV  features a range of videos forming part of my multi-media projects ReWilding My Life, Creative Conversations and South London Voices. Do check out whichever one takes your fancy!

Yang-May Ooi

Multi-Media Author