My name is Yang-May Ooi. I’m a writer, speaker and creative actionista.

This is what I’m all about:

Wild Creativity – I’ve always been a dreamer and I’m inspired by dreamers who can harness their wild creativity. Steve Jobs, for example, whose dream of a thousand songs in your pocket created the iPod. Cheryl Strayed, whose idea to hike the Pacific Coast Trail alone led to a bestseller that inspired millions of women. And less lofty folk like you and me whose wild creativity can bring something different, new or unexpected in the world we live in – art, books, social change… and more.

True Purpose – when I live true to my  purpose, I can deal with any difficulty and face any challenge. I am fascinated by how this powerful force that guides each of us  – whether it is to build  a just society, create magnificent art or, simply, make a good life. How can we find our individual and unique purpose? How can we live our purpose – right now, today, tomorrow and into the future?

Bod Action – without action, my dreams remain unrealised, my ideas stay no more than ideas. But when I take bold  action – then thing begin to change, my dreams become reality. I love learning from others, too, how they turn their creative ideas into action. How does someone change their life or make a difference? What step by step things do we need to do to actually achieve our dreams?

I call these my Tiger Spirit Values.

My purpose is to explore and share these Tiger Spirit Values –

  • through my books, theatre piece and other creative projects, and
  • by championing and supporting others in their creativity, purpose and action.

I hope you’ll hang out with me here awhile. Please do check out the Tiger Spirit Blog. Or get in touch via the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

Yang-May Ooi
Writer, Speaker and Creative Actionista

My life at a glance

Current happy place

Dulwich, London, with my partner, health blogger Angie Macdonald.


Kuala Lumpur


Roedean and St Hilda’s, Oxford


Stage One
Solicitor with top UK law firms

Stage Two
Writer, speaker and performer
Professional Co-Active Coach


Bound Feet Blues

Novels & Creative Projects
The Flame Tree
Mind Game
ReWilding My Life


Award winning speaker
TEDx talk – Rebel Heart
Oxford Literary Festival
International Women’s Day
South East Asian Arts Festival
BBC- Midweek, London, Oxford, World Service


Acclaimed production as writer and performer
Bound Feet Blues (Tristan Bates Theatre)

Fusion View podcast
Creative Conversations podcast
Tiger Spirit TV


The Society of Authors
The Association for Coaching
The Pan Asian Women’s Association
The Anglo Asiatic Arts & Heritage Alliance
Tamasha Developing Artists