My name is Yang-May Ooi and I’m a writer and podcaster.

My great-grandfather was a traditional healer in Malaysia. He was said to have kept a tiger spirit, a djinn or genie, who helped him in his healing craft.

I like to think that the Tiger Spirit he passed down to me emerges in my life as my natural creative energy. For me, stories can heal, transform, move and inspire. Stories can make a difference and create change in the world. 

So my Tiger Spirit fires me up to tell stories in diverse forms – from books, public speaking and theatre performance to blogging and podcasting. 

Do have a look round the  Tiger Spirit Blog to see the stories that intrigue me right now. If you have a story you’d like to share or just want to get in touch – please go to the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

Yang-May Ooi

Writer & Podcaster

My life at a glance

Current happy place

Oxford, UK

Born: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Background: Roedean and St Hilda’s, Oxford University


John Thomson Exhibition videoblog
Fusion View podcast

Creative Projects

Dulwich OnView – Co-Founder and Strategist
PAWA Magazine – Editor
Creative Conversations podcast – Host


TEDx Speaker
Theatre Performer

Solicitor with top UK law firms
Security Asset Manager, social housing finance


Bound Feet Blues

The Flame Tree
Mind Game

Business Book
International Communications Strategy


Award winning speaker
TEDx talk – Rebel Heart
Oxford Literary Festival
International Women’s Day
South East Asian Arts Festival
BBC- Midweek, London, Oxford, World Service


Writer and performer
Bound Feet Blues (Tristan Bates Theatre)


have included:

Society of Authors

Association for Coaching
Pan Asian Women’s Association
Anglo Asiatic Arts & Heritage Alliance
Tamasha Developing Artists