Welcome to Tiger Spirit

Creativity into Action


My name is Yang-May Ooi and I am passionate about creativity in all its forms. I’m a writer, speaker, and creative actionista.

Tiger Spirit is my hub for women wanting to dream wild, work smart and live true. Let this space fire up your creativity and productivity in a way that is true to your authentic self. Tiger Spirit is your inspiration centre, somewhere you can read, listen, and find routes to presenting your creative thoughts and ideas to the world. Or you may be looking for a creativity coach and champion, someone who will help you form your ideas and make them real – Tiger Spirit is here for you.

Tiger Spirit is all about supporting you to convert your unique creative inspiration into action, be it writing, speaking or some other creative project you have in mind.

Throughout this website you will find my books, talks, videos, podcasts and articles, a body of work that illustrates how the Tiger Spirit has helped me build the knowledge and the confidence needed to grab my creative opportunities.

For those seeking coaching I do work with a small select number of women on a personal basis  on selected projects, one-to-one. Please take a look at the ‘Work With Me’ page to find out more.

Whichever route you choose, embrace the Tiger Spirit and see what it can do for your creativity.