Welcome to Tiger Spirit

Creativity into Action


My name is Yang-May Ooi and I am passionate about creativity in all its forms. I’m a writer, speaker, and creative actionista.

Tiger Spirit is my online artist’s studio where you can follow my  creative process as I develop new work in progress. It is also a digital salon, a place of conversation and stories as well as reflections and practical ideas. Come and join us – read, listen, and find routes to presenting your own creative vision to the world. Or if you are looking for a creativity coach and champion, someone who will help you form your ideas and make them real: Tiger Spirit is here for you.

Tiger Spirit is all about converting our unique creative inspiration into action – whether writing, speaking or some other creative project you have in mind.

Throughout this website you will find my books, talks, videos, podcasts and articles, a body of work that illustrates how the Tiger Spirit has helped me build the knowledge and the confidence needed to grab my creative opportunities.

For those seeking coaching I do work with a small select number of women on a personal basis  on selected projects, one-to-one. Please take a look at the ‘Work With Me’ page to find out more.

Whichever route you choose, embrace the Tiger Spirit and see what it can do for your creativity.