Playwright Joanne Lau speaking about her play Worth on Creative Conversations podcast hosted by Yang-May Ooi

Playwright Joanne Lau started out as a neuroscientist and came to writing for the theatre via stand up comedy and TV screenwriting. Now her first play Worth is being produced by New Earth Theatre and premieres at the Arcola Theatre in London this month April 2023. Joanne joins Yang-May Ooi to talk about her journey from science to making a living with her words – and of course her play Worth, a dark but also funny piece about siblings searching through their dead mother’s house for their lost inheritance. 

Words and Worth – Joanne Lau CCV0504 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast] Season 5 Episode 4

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Creative Conversations with Yang-May Ooi – Season 05 Episode 04 ¦ Words and Worth – Joanne Lau  ¦ CCV0504

Links to some of the things we talked about

Worth at the Arcola Theatre – 

Joanne Lau – 

New Earth Theatre – 

New Earth Theatre professional writers programme – 

BBC Writers Room – 

Joanne Lau doing stand up comedy – photo by Trish Gant

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Photos: Joanne Lau, New Earth Theatre and Trish Gant, with thanks


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