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Bound Feet Blues: A Life Told in Shoes was my solo theatre show exploring female empowerment and identity through bound feet, high heels and my own coming out story. It has a sold out three week run at The Tristan Bates Theatre in London’s West End in December 2016. The play was directed by Jessica Higgs and produced by Eldarin Yong with funding by Arts Council England and The Housing Finance Corporation. Additional support was given by Maclay Murray Spens.

The accompanying book memoir of the same name was published by Urbane Publications.

The playscript is included in an anthology of British East Asian Plays, publihed by Aurora Metro.

All the original content on the Bound Feet Blues website remains the same. You can still find photos of bound feet, high heels and the rehearsal and writing process for the theatre play and book. My research as well as articles about the issues explored in the play and book are also available on the website.

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Author: Yang-May Ooi

Yang-May Ooi is a writer & podcaster. Her creative work includes The Flame Tree and Mindgame (novels), Bound Feet Blues (theatre & family memoir), The Anxiety Advantage and Creative Conversations (podcasts). ¦
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