Scissors illustrating How to shorten a long link to make it more memorable - Tiger Spirit blogpost by Yang-May Ooi

Shorten Long URL Links for Memorable Impact ¦ Fearless Creativity Top Tip

You know how impossible it is to remember long URL links that look and sound like gobbledy-gook? They look hideous in your email or on your blog post or web page. They are difficult to say out loud…

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"Walter Plinge" / Philip Blaine on An Actor's Life - Creative Conversations podcast with Yang-May Ooi

“Walter Plinge” on An Actor’s Life CCV006 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

“Walter Plinge” talks about his life as an actor in repertory theatre in the 1950s and it is a fascinating historical record of an exciting time in British theatre as well as an inspiring personal story. This special…

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David Anthony and Yang-May Ooi - South London Voices podcast

Creating Great Spaces with David Anthony SLV008 ¦ South London Voices [podcast]

Visual merchandise consultant David Anthony talks with South London Voices host Yang-May Ooi about the theatre of restaurants and retail spaces – and being a scenic artis on the sets of The Crown and Bohemian Rhapsody. If you’ve…

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