Zaharah Othman on Creative Conversations podcast hosted by Yang-May Ooi

Zaharah Othman on Love Stories across Cultures CCV0202 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Malaysian journalist Zaharah Othman joins Creative Conversations podcast host Yang-May Ooi to talk about her lifetime in journalism covering both heartwrenching events like the MH17 tragedy and heartwarming personal stories of Malaysians overseas – and also her fascination…

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SLV0201 alison romanczuk on South London Voices talking to Yang-May Ooi

Photographing Courage with Alison Romanczuk SLV0201 ¦ South London Voices [podcast]

Photographer Alison Romanczuk joins the South London Voices podcast to talk to multimedia author Yang-May Ooi about how photography helped her survive cancer. Listen to her talk about her journey and her work, which reveals the courage and…

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Winter High Tea videoblog - Little Happy Things by Yang-May Ooi

Winter High Tea ¦ Little Happy Things [videoblog]

When it’s cold and grey outside, there is really only one little happy thing to do, says multimedia author Yang-May Ooi. But maybe you have more ideas than just this one… Winter High Tea ¦ Little Happy Things…

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Joan Crawford and 1930s Fashion at the Fashion & Textile Museum London - part of a videoblog by Yang-May Ooi - Little Happy Things

Fabulous 1930s Fashion Night and Day ¦ Little Happy Things [videoblog]

In these uncertain times, we need things to keep us cheerful and motivated, don’t you think? As 2019 dawns, multimedia author Yang-May Ooi launches a new project to do just that. Little Happy Things counts out the little…

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Stephanie van Driesen in Marilyn & Me

Stephanie van Driesen on How to be a Superstar CCV0201 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

We open Season 2 of Creative Conversations with a superstar episode to kick off 2019. Stage actor and performing artist Stephanie van Driesen joins host Yang-May Ooi to talk about what it takes to be a superstar in…

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