Wok frying to illustrate Curry Pasties, The Taste of Two Homes by writer Yang-May Ooi ¦ Oxford Moments blog

Curry Pasties, The Taste of Two Homes ¦ Oxford Moments

On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing like the taste of home to warm the tummy, says writer Yang-May Ooi. But what is the taste of home if “home” is made up of more than one place?  Curry…

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Mud, Mud Everywhere ¦ Oxford Moments

Once a London city-slicker, writer Yang-May Ooi revels in the glories offered by mud, mud and more mud in the local environs of Oxford. Mud, Mud Everywhere ¦ Oxford Moments One of the attractions for me of moving…

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Trees in Snow to illustrate Is My Wardrobe Enchanted? by Yang-May Ooi in her Oxford Moments blog

Is My Wardrobe Enchanted? ¦ Oxford Moments

All this talk of enchantment during times of crisis (see this blog’s previous posts Rose Lane, Pathway to Enchantment and The Enchantment of Christchurch Meadow) prompts writer Yang-May Ooi to think about fantasies of escape from ordinary life …

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