The Anxiety Advantage podcast - guitar to illustrateHello Darkness My Old Friend episode 3 by Yang-May Ooi

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend  – Yang-May Ooi AXAV0103 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Episode 03

What can a Simon & Garfunkel song teach us about our relationship with Anxiety? Instead of doing battle with our Anxiety, could it help to see her as a friend and ally? In this episode, writer and podcaster…

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Music Man John Barton with podcast host Yang-May Ooi - Creative Conversations

John Barton on Sand, Sea and Song CCV0204 (Westward Ho! mini-series) ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

In the second episode of our three part mini-series recorded in Westward Ho! in North Devon, the “Music Man” John Barton talks with Creative Conversations host Yang-May Ooi about a lifetime of music and song.  John Barton on…

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flying bird to illustrate fearless creativity in a blog post on transforming pain into creativity by creativity coach Yang-May Ooi

What we can learn from the myth of the suffering artist – thoughts on Nashville Season 3 ¦ Fearless Creativity

In our Western imagination, there is a romantic image of the artist as somehow special and apart from the rest of us – who is chosen to suffer in order to create great art. Writer and creative artist,…

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