Hilke Flebbe of Klassik Aldstadt Hotel Lubeck Germany speaking on Creating a Beautiful Legacy out of Grief - Creative Conversations podcast with Yang-May Ooi

Creating a Beautiful Legacy out of Grief – Hilke Flebbe CCV0505 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast] Season 5 Episode 5

Hilke Flebbe, at age 22, was left alone in the world with an unfinished hotel in Lubeck, Germany and millions of Euros worth of debt to inherit from her mother. Instead of walking away from it all, Hilke…

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Callum Ruddock, travel writer - Creative Conversations podcast, hosted by Yang-May Ooi

What Travel Writing can tell us about Life – Callum Ruddock CCV0404 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast] and Oxford Moments

In a world dominated by Youtube videos and Instagram images that can take you anywhere in the world, is there still a place for travel writing? How can the different types of writing about travel tell us about…

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Navjot Singh (L) and Yang-May Ooi (R) on the South London Voices podcast

A World View – Navjot Singh SLV005 ¦ South London Voices [podcast]

Navjot Singh, travel and features writer, joins Yang-May Ooi in conversation on the 5th episode of the South London Voices podcast. Come along and listen in as they talk about a view of the world from South London…

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