Vaccination photo to illustrate blog post by Yang-May Ooi on Oxford Moments

One of over 30 million ¦ Oxford Moments

Author Yang-May Ooi reflects on what it means for her to take up the first dose of the vaccination against Covid-19. One of over 30 million ¦ Oxford Moments A couple of weeks ago, I heard on the…

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Merton College from Christchurch Meadow - to illustrate "The Enchantment of Christchurch Meadow" by writer Yang-May Ooi on her blog "Oxford Moments"

The Enchantment of Christchurch Meadow ¦ Oxford Moments

With change comes uncertainty. Uncertainty churns up fear and distress. Walking through Rose Lane into Christchurch Meadow, writer Yang-May Ooi discovers how the enchantment of nature  can give us a moment of calm and personal power in times…

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