Westgate Centre - photo by Liz Smith on Flickr - to illustrate a blog post by Yang-May Ooi on Oxford Moments

Ode to the Westgate Centre ¦ Oxford Moments

Do you love or hate shopping? At the best of times, going shopping is something we take for granted as part of our weekly routine – and can be something we grumble about especially if we can’t find…

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Vaccination photo to illustrate blog post by Yang-May Ooi on Oxford Moments

One of over 30 million ¦ Oxford Moments

Author Yang-May Ooi reflects on what it means for her to take up the first dose of the vaccination against Covid-19. One of over 30 million ¦ Oxford Moments A couple of weeks ago, I heard on the…

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Mud, Mud Everywhere ¦ Oxford Moments

Once a London city-slicker, writer Yang-May Ooi revels in the glories offered by mud, mud and more mud in the local environs of Oxford. Mud, Mud Everywhere ¦ Oxford Moments One of the attractions for me of moving…

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Merton College from Christchurch Meadow - to illustrate "The Enchantment of Christchurch Meadow" by writer Yang-May Ooi on her blog "Oxford Moments"

The Enchantment of Christchurch Meadow ¦ Oxford Moments

With change comes uncertainty. Uncertainty churns up fear and distress. Walking through Rose Lane into Christchurch Meadow, writer Yang-May Ooi discovers how the enchantment of nature  can give us a moment of calm and personal power in times…

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Rose Lane Oxford - Oxford Moments blog by Yang-May Ooi

Rose Lane, Pathway to Enchantment ¦ Oxford Moments

A walk through Oxford. A personal moment of crisis in the midst of a continuing national and international one. And a pathway to hope and enchantment. Writer Yang-May Ooi reflects on change and letting go of the past.…

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Cultural commentator Joanne Ooi with writer and podcaster Yang-May Ooi on Creative Conversations

Joanne Ooi on Covid and Creativity CCV0303 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

How can we maintain our creativity during Covid lockdown? Could this crisis be an opportunity for creative renewal for creative organisations as well as individuals? Cultural commentator Joanne Ooi joins Yang-May Ooi on Creative Conversations to talk about …

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