Playwright Joanne Lau speaking about her play Worth on Creative Conversations podcast hosted by Yang-May Ooi

Words and Worth – Joanne Lau CCV0504 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast] Season 5 Episode 4

Playwright Joanne Lau started out as a neuroscientist and came to writing for the theatre via stand up comedy and TV screenwriting. Now her first play Worth is being produced by New Earth Theatre and premieres at the…

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Things that Make Me Anxious – River Owsley-Brown and Yang-May Ooi AXAV0105 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Episode 05 

What are the things that make you anxious? And how do you handle the anxiety that those things stir up in you? Writer and podcaster, Yang-May Ooi, feels anxious a lot of the time – and film producer…

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Swirls by Jane Gallagher, Florence Park Chalking, to illustrate a blog post by Yang-May Ooi about Chalky

Chalking Back To Happiness ¦ Oxford Moments

Playful chalk drawings seem to magically appear in Oxford’s Florence Park from time to time, only to be washed away by the rain… and replaced not long after by other delightful drawings and poems. Writer Yang-May Ooi finds…

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Michael Knight Theatre Company talks to Yang-May Ooi on Creative Conversations podcast

Theatre is Not Limited – The Michael Knight Theatre Company CCV0403 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Theatre is not limited, says Hillary May, founder of The Michael Knight Theatre Company. It is open to everyone to take part, it is part of the community, theatre gives a voice to those who would not normally…

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Cultural commentator Joanne Ooi with writer and podcaster Yang-May Ooi on Creative Conversations

Joanne Ooi on Covid and Creativity CCV0303 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

How can we maintain our creativity during Covid lockdown? Could this crisis be an opportunity for creative renewal for creative organisations as well as individuals? Cultural commentator Joanne Ooi joins Yang-May Ooi on Creative Conversations to talk about …

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Tony Dillon with Yang-May Ooi - ReWilding My Life podcast

Tony Dillon on Re-connecting with Nature CCV0302 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Many of us live in big cities like London. We are surrounded by noise, crowds – and a lot of pollution. Is that lifestyle seriously damaging us? And can re-connecting with nature save our health? Ex-lawyer and creative…

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ccv0209 simon pimenta on building resilience for the creative conversations podcast hosted by yang-may ooi

Simon Pimenta on Building Resilience CCV0209 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Our modern daily lives can be stressful. Worry and anxiety can feel overwhelming. How can we develop greater resilience and bounce back with vigour from difficulties and setbacks? Resilience coach Simon Pimenta shares some tips and advice with…

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Kitesurfer Pete Sawyer (and his son Bob) with Creative Conversations podcast host Yang-May Ooi

Pete Sawyer on Kitesurfing to Happiness CCV0203 (Westward Ho! mini-series) ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

In the first of a three part mini-series recorded in Westward Ho! in North Devon, kitesurfer Pete Sawyer talks with  Creative Conversations host Yang-May Ooi about how his passion for kitesurfing helped him create a new business and…

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SLV0201 alison romanczuk on South London Voices talking to Yang-May Ooi

Photographing Courage with Alison Romanczuk SLV0201 ¦ South London Voices [podcast]

Photographer Alison Romanczuk joins the South London Voices podcast to talk to multimedia author Yang-May Ooi about how photography helped her survive cancer. Listen to her talk about her journey and her work, which reveals the courage and…

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Scissors illustrating How to shorten a long link to make it more memorable - Tiger Spirit blogpost by Yang-May Ooi

Shorten Long URL Links for Memorable Impact ¦ Fearless Creativity Top Tip

You know how impossible it is to remember long URL links that look and sound like gobbledy-gook? They look hideous in your email or on your blog post or web page. They are difficult to say out loud…

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