Cheryl Robson of Aurora Metro Books - Creative Conversations podcast with Yang-May Ooi

Cheryl Robson, founder and managing editor of Aurora Books, joins Creative Conversations host Yang-May Ooi to talk about her three decades steering a successful independent publisher of non-fiction, fiction and plays by diverse authors and playwrights – and shares tips for emerging writers on developing stand out work. 

Cheryl Robson on Aurora Metro Books CCV0206 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Cheryl Robson exudes a quiet authority and charisma when you meet her – and which you can hear in her voice when you listen to our podcast conversation. She is not only the founder and managing editor of Aurora Metro Books but a playwright, theatre producer and film-maker as well as the guiding light behind the Virginia Woolf Statue campaign and the Virginia Prize for Fiction.

I was honoured to have my play Bound Feet Blues included in an anthology of British East Asian Play published by Aurora Metro last year and have the chance to take part in the Sight/ Unseen Drama Conference at the Tara Arts Theatre which was hosted by Aurora Metro.

Cheryl kindly set aside some time to talk with me on the Creative Conversations podcast, where we focus on Aurora Metro Books. It’s a fascinating insight into publishing – especially for a writer like myself. I also found it inspiring hearing Cheryl talk about her passion for giving voice to writers who may not otherwise be heard in the clamour of  more mainstream, populist publishing or the world of high budget West End theatre – but whose stories are nonetheless powerful, moving and valuable.

Listen to Cheryl Robson talking about Aurora Metro Books

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Links to some of the things we talked about

Aurora Metro Books

Virginia Prize

Virginia Woolf Statue campaign

Donate to the Virginia Woolf Statue fund

Aurora Metro Arts & Media Charity

British East Asian Plays anthology

Bound Feet Blues

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