Learning from Anxiety - The Anxiety Advantage podcast presented by Yang-May Ooi

Learning from Anxiety  – Yang-May Ooi  AXAV0109 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Bonus Episode 09

So we’ve reached the end of the Journey of Discovery that I set out on a few months ago. What have I learnt over the course of talking to my guests and exploring Anxiety during Season 1? What…

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Things that Make Me Anxious – River Owsley-Brown and Yang-May Ooi AXAV0105 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Episode 05 

What are the things that make you anxious? And how do you handle the anxiety that those things stir up in you? Writer and podcaster, Yang-May Ooi, feels anxious a lot of the time – and film producer…

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The Anxiety Advantage podcast - guitar to illustrateHello Darkness My Old Friend episode 3 by Yang-May Ooi

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend  – Yang-May Ooi AXAV0103 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Episode 03

What can a Simon & Garfunkel song teach us about our relationship with Anxiety? Instead of doing battle with our Anxiety, could it help to see her as a friend and ally? In this episode, writer and podcaster…

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anxiety advantage podcast - trailer - a jourey of discovery - hosted by Yang-May Ooi

The Anxiety Advantage – Trailer – A Journey of Discovery [podcast] AXAV000a

Anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating. And it is on the rise in today’s post-pandemic world. But Is it inevitable that we must live with fear, uncertainty and doubt – or can there be any good that can…

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