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So we’ve reached the end of the Journey of Discovery that I set out on a few months ago. What have I learnt over the course of talking to my guests and exploring Anxiety during Season 1? What was the point of it all? Has the journey changed me? What am I going to take away with me going forward? 

Learning from Anxiety  – Yang-May Ooi  AXAV0109 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Bonus Episode 09 

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The Anxiety Advantage with Yang-May Ooi Season 01 Episode 09 ¦ Learning from Anxiety  – Yang-May Ooi ¦ AXAV0109 


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I am not an expert on anxiety. I have no medical or therapy-type qualifications. I am a writer – and like many people, I have struggled with anxiety. My purpose in these podcasts is to explore with curiosity how these very human feelings affect all our lives. Views expressed by my guests are entirely their own and do not represent my views. These podcasts come out of my personal experience and perspective – and I do not claim to speak for everyone who may be living with anxiety. The content of these podcasts is for informational purposes only.  If you are affected by anything in these podcasts, please seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified professional. 



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