The Anxiety Advantage Season 01 Episode 01 - To Be Anxious is To Be Human artwork - podcast by Yang-May Ooi

To Be Anxious is To Be Human – Yang-May Ooi AXAV0101 ¦ The Anxiety Advantage [podcast] Season 01 Episode 01 

Fear can feel overwhelming. Anxiety can cripple us. When we are afraid, we can lash out and behave in horrible ways. When we are anxious, we can feel paralyzed. Our thoughts go round and round in our heads.…

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anxiety advantage podcast - trailer - a jourey of discovery - hosted by Yang-May Ooi

The Anxiety Advantage – Trailer – A Journey of Discovery [podcast] AXAV000a

Anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating. And it is on the rise in today’s post-pandemic world. But Is it inevitable that we must live with fear, uncertainty and doubt – or can there be any good that can…

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The Anxiety Advantage podcat and multimedia project by Yang-May Ooi

The Anxiety Advantage – New Podcast Launching Soon

Fear and Anxiety can feel overwhelming. Fear can make us lash out to protect ourselves – we fight with everything we’ve got to beat down the danger. It can make us panic – try desperately to run away…

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Tony Dillon with Yang-May Ooi - ReWilding My Life podcast

Tony Dillon on Re-connecting with Nature CCV0302 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Many of us live in big cities like London. We are surrounded by noise, crowds – and a lot of pollution. Is that lifestyle seriously damaging us? And can re-connecting with nature save our health? Ex-lawyer and creative…

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Brompton on the open road - to illustrate a post about ReWilding My Life by Yang-May Ooi

I’ve joined a cult – The Cult of The Brompton ¦ ReWilding My Life

Multi-media storyteller Yang-May Ooi recounts how she gave up being sensible and fell into the Cult of the Brompton as part of her project to re-connect with nature. I resisted for a long time. I would look longingly…

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Wisteria to illustrate a post on ReWilding My Life by creative actionista Yang-May Ooi

Author Yang-May Ooi launches new online creative project Rewilding My Life

Stressed? Fed up? Unhappy? That’s how writer and creative actionista Yang-May Ooi had been feeling in her desk-based city life in London. Now, she’s on a personal journey to change all that by re-connecting with nature. She invites…

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