Kitesurfer Pete Sawyer (and his son Bob) with Creative Conversations podcast host Yang-May Ooi

In the first of a three part mini-series recorded in Westward Ho! in North Devon, kitesurfer Pete Sawyer talks with  Creative Conversations host Yang-May Ooi about how his passion for kitesurfing helped him create a new business and rebuild his life by the Atlantic Ocean after insolvency and divorce.

Pete Sawyer on Kitesurfing to Happiness (Westward Ho! mini-series) ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

My partner and I have been coming to Westward Ho! for the last few years. We love the vast sandy beach and the wild ruggedness of the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean – and also the laid back friendly vibe of this quirky seaside village named after a Victorian novel by Charles Kingsley.

Pete with his dog Dan

Being ever curious about people and places (or should I say, nosy?), I wanted to find out more about the lucky and lovely people who call this place home.

Pete Sawyer, owner of the Kitemare Kite and Surf Shop in the centre of Westward Ho! is the first of three creative locals who warmly and kindly agreed to share their stories on the Creative Conversations podcast.

Pete with his son Bob and partner Francesca in Kitemare

Listen to Pete Sawyer on Creative Conversations

You can listen to Pete’s inspiring story below about how he turned his life around by focusing on doing something he loves

Links to some of the things we talked about

Visit Westward Ho!

Pete’s shop Kitemare

Seafield House, Westward Ho!

New Year Dip

Pete Sawyer taking charge at an event

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Pete in action

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Day of the Dead, Seafield House, Westward Ho!



Yang-May Ooi

from Pete Sawyer’s Facebook page


Southern Jam Nights by Neil Cross

Acoustic Guitar Jam by Jason Donnelly

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Kitesurfer Pete Sawyer (and his son Bob) with Creative Conversations podcast host Yang-May Ooi

Podcaster Yang-May Ooi with Pete Sawyer and his son Bob in Kitemare


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