Anna Sayburn Lane (L) on the South London Voices podcast with host Yang-May Ooi (R)

Novelist Anna Sayburn Lane joins host Yang-May Ooi on the South London Voices podcast to talk about her thriller Unlawful Things.

SLV006 Unlawful Things with Anna Sayburn Lane ¦ South London Voices [podcast]

I was super-excited to learn that my good friend Anna Sayburn Lane’s novel Unlawful Things is due out this autumn – so naturally, since she is a South Londoner, I had to bring her on to my South London Voices podcast.

Anna and I are members of a small writing group which has been meeting regularly for the last 5 years or so. Over this time, our gang of writers have seen Anna  developing her novel, crafting and honing it to become the most gripping and well written version it can possibly be – and also had the exclusive privilege of hearing her read extracts from it. We are all really pleased for Anna that the book is finally going to be unleashed to a wider public.

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Here is our conversation on South London Voices….


Please also check out the slideshow of photos below which includes some of the locations Anna mentions in our chat.

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Links to some of the things we talked about

Here are the links to some of the things Anna and I talked about:

Anna’s website

Anna on Twitter

St Nicholas Church, Deptford:

Cobham Hall

Eastbridge Hospital

Rose Playhouse

Christopher Marlowe

News Shopper newspaper

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Anna Sayburn Lane (L) on the South London Voices podcast with host Yang-May Ooi (R)


Photos: Cat Arwel, Anna Sayburn Lane, public domain and Yang-May Ooi


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