Stephanie van Driesen in Marilyn & Me

We open Season 2 of Creative Conversations with a superstar episode to kick off 2019. Stage actor and performing artist Stephanie van Driesen joins host Yang-May Ooi to talk about what it takes to be a superstar in musical theatre in South East Asia, and why she is passionate about always learning and developing her craft.

Stephanie van Driesen on How to be a Superstar CCV0201 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

Stephanie first contacted me a few months ago for permission to perform an extract from my solo theatre show Bound Feet Blues as part of a showcase evening. I was delighted and said Yes – but unfortunately could not go and see her show. I did catch up with her, however, a few days afterwards to hear how it went. On meeting her, I was immediately struck by her star presence and also her warmth and generosity of spirit. At a cafe at Hays Galleria, one hour turned into two and then three as we talked and laughed and sparked off each other’s creative energy.

I knew I had to invite her onto Creative Conversations to share her exuberant love of theatre and her passion for her craft with a wider audience.

Stephanie van Driesen talking with Yang-May Ooi on Creative Conversations podcast

Stephanie van Driesen talking with Yang-May Ooi online for Creative Conversations

Listen to Stephanie van Driesen on Creative Conversations

You can listen to our discussion via the podcast player below:

Links to some of the things we talked about

Stephanie’s website, with details of her Superstar workshops

Stephanie on Instagram

Stephanie on Twitter 

Stephanie on Facebook

Sally Bowles, Cabaret 

Dorothy, Wizard of Oz

Yang-May’s solo theatre show Bound Feet Blues

Betrayal by Harold Pinter

Stephanie van Driesen in Marilyn & Me    

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Southern Jam Nights by Neil Cross


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