Tony Dillon with Yang-May Ooi - ReWilding My Life podcast

Many of us live in big cities like London. We are surrounded by noise, crowds – and a lot of pollution. Is that lifestyle seriously damaging us? And can re-connecting with nature save our health? Ex-lawyer and creative consultant Tony Dillon joins Creative Conversations host Yang-May Ooi to tell us how re-connecting with nature re-invigorated his life.

Tony Dillon with Yang-May Ooi - ReWilding My Life podcast

Tony Dillon on Re-connecting with Nature CCV0302 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

I’ve known Tony Dillon since our thirties when we were both lawyers in London. We lost touch largely due to our busy work lives and the demands of our high-powered, high intensity careers. I was surprised and delighted when we found each other again via Facebook – and I learnt that he had moved down to Bexhill-on-Sea, having taken stock of his previously unhealthy and stressed-out lifestyle. 

When I visited him on the South Coast, he was clearly much more relaxed, happier and healthier than I remembered from all those years ago. Despite being 20 years older now, he was fitter and full of energy compared to the young, skinny lawyer I knew back then.

I was delighted that he agreed to share his story for my podcast. This was first recorded for ReWilding My Life but as I am winding that project down, I have moved our conversation here. While the focus of our conversation was on re-connecting with nature, there is a lot in it that is also related to creativity and creative thinking so I hope you will enjoy listening to our discussion.

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Creative Conversations with Yang-May Ooi – Season 03 Episode 02 ¦ Tony Dillon on Re-connecting with Nature CCV0302

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Bexhill on Sea –

Why is sea air good for you? –

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