Zaharah Othman on Creative Conversations podcast hosted by Yang-May Ooi

Malaysian journalist Zaharah Othman joins Creative Conversations podcast host Yang-May Ooi to talk about her lifetime in journalism covering both heartwrenching events like the MH17 tragedy and heartwarming personal stories of Malaysians overseas – and also her fascination with love stories from the past and across cultures. 

Zaharah Othman on Creative Conversations podcast hosted by Yang-May Ooi

Zaharah Othman on Love Stories across Cultures CCV0202 ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

I first met Zaharah when she interviewed me many years ago for a feature about my books in the New Straits Time, Malaysia’s premier broadsheet. I was delighted to turn the tables and interview her for Creative Conversations about her 40 years in journalism, covering a range of UK and European stories for Malaysian media.

Zaharah reporting from London

In our wide ranging conversation, she tells us what it was like covering the MH17 tragedy and also how her journalism has helped Malaysians stranded overseas. She also shares her passion for stories from the past – which all seem feature love stories across cultures from Malay sailors in the UK to British soldiers falling for Malaysian girls.

Listen to Zaharah Otham on Creative Conversations

You can listen to Zaharah’s fascinating story via the podcast player below:

Links to some of the things we talked about

Zaharah’s blog

Postcards from Zaharah – Google Search 

Netflix film Pulang

Zaharah covering the MH17 tragedy in the Netherlands

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Zaharah with Zandra Rhodes and Jimmy Choo

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Zaharah at the BBC early in her career



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