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Multimedia author Yang-May Ooi shares this tech tip on how to use Facebook Live to give a talk and illustrate it with your presentation slides at the same time. 

Give a Talk or Presentation online using Facebook Live Streaming

Someone asked me if it was possible to give a presentation live on Facebook where you can show pictures to illustrate the talk.

Facebook Live is a simple live streaming tool that involves no downloads. On your Facebook profile or page, you simply click on Live Video and you are ready to present live to your Facebook friends or followers. You can use it on your smartphone or web browser on you computer.

illustrating How to give a talk using Facebook Live - Yang-May Ooi blogpost

However, the camera will only capture you or whatever you point the camera

But using the web version, you can share slides or pictures if you have those items on your desktop/ laptop. The easiest is to put them all into a slideshow and have that open and ready while you go into Facebook Live on another window.

When you’re in Facebook Live, find the Screen Share option and select Application. That will allow you to share your Application, ie your slideshow.

The click Share/ Go Live and you’re off!

Limitations of Facebook Live Screen Sharing

One thing to note, though, it is a fairly basic tool so it only allows you to share your slides. There is no option to switch back to a video of you talking or to have a thumbnail of you in the corner.

And you can only screen share from the desktop, not your smartphone.

A Low Tech Solution

The alternative – which is what I like to use – is low tech but quick and handy, especially if you are “reporting” from the ground or on site with just your iPhone.

Put your slides or images or other multimedia you want your viewer to see on an iPad and present that iPad to your smartphone or desktop webcam. It can be tricky if the lighting level is a bit off as you will end up with glare and the iPad screen will be difficult to see on the camera. However, if you can get the lighting level right, it is a simple workaround to overcome Facebook Live’s limitation.

It’s  low tech as I said but easy to use in the field when you want to mix up your livestream with visual illustrations and give your viewers variety from the camera constantly showing them you and  your face!


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Author: Yang-May Ooi

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