SLV0201 alison romanczuk on South London Voices talking to Yang-May Ooi

Photographer Alison Romanczuk joins the South London Voices podcast to talk to multimedia author Yang-May Ooi about how photography helped her survive cancer. Listen to her talk about her journey and her work, which reveals the courage and dignity of the survivors of trauma through her compassionate and inspiring images.

Photographing Courage with Alison Romanczuk ¦ South London Voices [podcast]

I caught up with Alison Romanczuk in her home in Forest Hill to record this podcast. It’s always delightful to visit my interviewees in their home spaces when I can. It tells me so much about the person chatting to me across the table in addition to the story that they are sharing with me as we talk. We sat in her rustic style kitchen on a dull January day and her cat scratched at the garden door wanting to be let in. The whole flat was filled with art and photographs.

I felt at ease, relaxed and sensed Alison’s warmth and kindness all around. It helped me understand the quality that Alison has that has helped her connect with the subjects of her photography – that ability to create an environment that makes tpeople feel safe and to trust their images to her camera. Alison’s story is truly inspiring and it was an added pleasure to hang out with her in that warm, homey creative space for a little while, too.

Listen to Alison Romanczuk on South London Voices

You can listen to my conversation with Alison via the podcast player below.

Links to some of the things we talked about

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Alison Romanczuk with Yang-May Ooi (inset)

Alison Romanczuk with Yang-May Ooi (inset)


Photos: Alison Romanczuk

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