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Our modern daily lives can be stressful. Worry and anxiety can feel overwhelming. How can we develop greater resilience and bounce back with vigour from difficulties and setbacks? Resilience coach Simon Pimenta shares some tips and advice with Creative Conversations host Yang-May Ooi  on how to build resilience in life and at work. 

Simon Pimenta on Building Resilience CCV0209  ¦ Creative Conversations [podcast]

We can often feel bombarded by problems in our daily lives that are outside of our control. Constant stress can leave us burnt out. Simon Pimenta faced these challenges himself in his own life. As a director of a housing trust, the stress of his job sent him into a spiral of ill health that resulted in his being unable to work for 8 years. 

He writes of that period on his website: 

Life was pretty grim.

I spent a lot of the next 3 years barely living; just eating and sleeping.

I would feel terribly tired when I ate any food and developed sensitivities to food…. I led a severely restricted life.”

He emerged from that dark time through hypnotherapy, counselling, neuro-linguistic programming and is now full of vitality and energy, running his own business as a resilience coach. I was thrilled that he agreed to share his inspiring story with us on the Creative Conversations podcast. 

Simon also kindly shares some tips and advice for our listeners and in particular, some ideas to help writers and creatives who often have to face rejection and negative critique of our work. 


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